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There are several wire-bending jigs on the market. Ours is the only adjustable one. The jig platform is in two halves which can be separated to a maximum of 1”, so that you can (once you set up your peg design) adjust the size of that design in one dimension simply by turning a knob. There’s no need to constantly move pegs. Machined aluminum w/removable wooden handle and 24 steel pegs plus 4 peg sleeves. Can easily be mounted in any table vise for hands- free operation.

$22.50 ea. list

This is the neatest magnifier to come along in years. In one compact closeable unit you have 5x-10x, 6x-11x, 7x-12x, 8x-9x available simply by rotating the inner wheel. The quality and versatility of the unit are first rate. 3 1/2” dia. by 5/8” thick

$17.50 ea. list


Ordinary flush cutters leave one side of the cut flat and the other side pointed, so if you wanted both cut edges flat you would have to flip your cutters over and make a second cut. Our wonderful double-flush cutters eliminate the second cut and give you two flat edges in one cut. Great for bezel wire, jump rings, etc. Our S.D. model can cut up to 10 ga. Our L.D. model can cut up to 20 ga.
Both for soft metals only. Grooved jaw model gives extra support to dead-soft wires.

S.D. cutter (plain jaws)
$19.50 ea. list
S.D. cutter (w/grooved jaws)
$21.50 ea. list
L.D. cutter (plain jaws)
$ 8.50 ea. list

These flexible pads are the ultimate surface for mixing and applying epoxies, instant glues, hot-melt glues, paints, etc. Also, superb as a work surface for fimo, wax, precious metal clays and any project where surface adhesion would be a problem. Easy clean-up and lasts indefinitely. Does not contaminate glue or work material.

Standard size 6” x 6” x 1/16”
$3.50 ea. list
Large size 6’ x 9” x 1/16”
$5.00 ea. list
Special sizes available CALL

Our exclusive design - a great improvement over any other commercially available jeweler's bench block. The perfectly flat, smooth ground and very hard (Rockwell # 63-64) special steel alloy plate is mounted to a high quality hardwood base to reduce vibration, sound, weight, and expense. Ideal for flattening wire and all-around metal work.


2 7/8” x 2 7/8” x 1” (12 oz.)
$14.50 ea. list
3 7/8” x 3 7/8” x 1” (20 oz.)
$21.00 ea. list
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